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Latest affordable bowling technology. Developed in the UK. Accurately measure from bowl to jack using one hand. The history of this measure is that a disable bowler friend of mine could not measure with a string measure as he has only one arm. As a result I developed this measure which can be used by everybody.

This measure differs from previous laser measures in that it is cheaper, smaller, fits in a pocket and measures from the bowl to the jack. The reason for measuring to the jack is the jack is of a constant diameter and the laser is arranged to aim at the middle of the jack thereby giving consistent accurate measures. Bowls are of varying size and measuring to the bowl decreases accuracy due to the variable aiming of the laser. Measure up to 4 bowls at a time and compare distances on screen. Measures shorter and longer distances to string measures.

Simple to Use

Easy to use measure with accurate results. Eliminate the majority of tied ends.

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Purchasing a Measure

The cost of the Laser Bowls Measure is £50.00 with free delivery in the UK. For international delivery please as for a quotation via our Send Us a Message page.

It can be purchased using debit and credit cards using the link:

We are always happy to talk about how we can improve our products.

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